Matan Kahana
Matan KahanaDanny Shem Tov, Knesset spokesman

The opposition is using the waning moments of the dying coalition to attempt to overturn one of the most significant and contentious reforms enacted by the government - the reforms to the kashrut (kosher) supervision system enacted by former Religious Affairs Minister (now deputy minister) Matan Kahana of the Yamina party.

According to Israel Hayom, the changes to the law are being spearheaded by MK Ofir Sofer (Religious Zionism), who intends not to actually pass his amendments now, but to obtain the broad support of the right-wing and other parties the opposition hopes will comprise the next government, whether via elections or via negotiations within the current Knesset.

The amendments include a number of measures designed to strengthen the position of the Chief Rabbinate, which was severely weakened by Kahana. Among them is the abolition of the clause allowing any three local rabbis to form an alternative beit din (rabbinical court) that can provide kosher supervision effectively in competition with the Chief Rabbinate.

Another amendment would see local rabbis still able to grant (or deny) kosher supervision to entities under their local jurisdiction, but unable to do the same to entities outside their area of jurisdiction, unless expressly permitted by the Chief Rabbinate.

Furthermore, Sofer added a clause that will establish a kosher supervision committee that will be subordinated to the Chief Rabbinate, as well as an overall supervisor who will likewise be under the direct jurisdiction of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate.