VotingDanielle Shitrit/Flash90
With the government’s dispersal, again voices are raised asking for elections, but why? Must it really be? Perhaps here too, we are victims of consciousness-engineering pushed by foreign and narrow interests?

Ever since the present government began its term, its members and those behind it claim that all the compromises we had to make for its establishment would prevent us having to go to elections again.

Many values, many promises and declarations, were rejected in favor of the one and only value: Anything but elections.

So what now? Where have all those voices gone? Why, we can easily establish a new government without going to the ballot box, without needing three months of divisive campaigns and without spending three billion shekels of the state’s money for a needless day off while the price of bread is rising.

You don’t need to be a political genius to understand that the results of the elections will only result in the rise or decrease of one or two mandates for one bloc or the other. Results essentially different from previous elections will not happen; the two camps will end up with a mosaic of mandates similar to what exists now, without the ability to form a stable government and it could be that we will need to go to the ballot boxes again, and even that will not guarantee an end to this expensive and unnecessary saga.

And besides all of this, the position of the People was made clear in the first election. The People want a return to the Zionist, traditional and Jewish values of aliyah, sovereignty and settlement. A solid majority has proven this by voting for right-wing parties time and again.

The People did not give its vote to radical left-wing parties – the citizens of Israel did not vote to include representatives of the Islamist Movement and there is no reason to distort the democratic will of the People and bring upon it a leadership that is opposite that which it wishes for, just as there is no reason to bring upon it another election season.

To all of our friends in the Rightwing camp, start negotiating, if need be have 2 alternating prime ministers, each for one year, decisions will be made by a majority among the three heads; have a nationalist, Jewish agenda as your coalition guidelines and save us the needless election.

No to elections – yes to unity among the Rightwing camp.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar are heads of the Sovereignty Movement