Biden and Abbas
Biden and Abbas Flash90
President Biden's planned trip to Israel, the Palestinian Authority controlled areas and Saudi Arabia are fraught with the danger that America's fumbling leader will do his usual thing to mess up the situation in that already volatile region. It's like handing over the keys to the family car to your 16 year old.

His meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will be a real doozy, especially after Biden accused him of being the principal culprit behind the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in 2018. Arab memories are notoriously long and at this time Biden will be bowing and scraping the ground before the prince, begging him to have his nation come to our assistance with the black gold that the Saudis have in abundance. In addition, Biden's desire to rebirth the Obama deal with Iran, giving that terrorist nation nuclear military capability, is not easy for the Saudis to accept, since they are one of the threatened targets in Iran's cross-hairs. Reasons for concern.

But it is Biden's overt, open, long term love affair with the Palestinian Arabs that is sure to bloom once he meets their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah, that really concerns us. That spells danger for Israel. As soon as Biden stepped foot in the White House in January, 2021, he fulfilled his campaign promise to restore all the aid to the Palestinians that his predecessor, Trump cut off. He has already given them more than $360 million in U.S. taxpayer money since taking office and also reinstated our funding of UNRWA, the UN's Israel hating agency, to the tune of nearly $400 million to be used in teaching Palestinian Arab kids how to hate Jews.

His trip spells bad news for Israel. Keep in mind that last year, while in Ramallah, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, no friend of the Jewish State, announced plans for the U.S. to reopen the Consulate to Palestine, smack dab in central Jerusalem. The Trump administration shut it in 2018 and folded its work into the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem as part of our recognition of the city as Israel's undivided capital. We fear Biden will make that announcement during his trip in July. He's already re-opened the Palestinian Embassy in D.C. that Trump had shuttered in support of Israel. Small but ominous steps.

A befuddled Biden may also be scripted by his handlers to revive the "Two State Solution" remedy that would place a Palestinian Arab run state on Israel's borders. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu would never accept such a proposition, however, Israel's current weak, fractured coalition might be persuaded to acquiesce in order win whatever bread crumb support the United States may offer.

In addition, Biden is sure to pressure Israel to rein in its building in the disputed areas to appease his Palestinian Arab buddies who smell an opportunity to reap the benefits of a Biden regime loaded with Israel haters within its ranks.

We note that there's been no mention made by the WH about supporting an expansion of the Abraham Accords to include Saudi Arabia during this trip, which would water the seeds of peace in the region. An oversight or a planned, purposeful exclusion?

And, we'd like him to come clean when he meets with Abbas to make clear to him that peace will only come once the so-called "Palestinians" explicitly accept that Israel is here to stay as a unified Jewish state and that all of Jerusalem is its undivided, eternal, capital city.

We suggest that the world and specifically the United States pats Israel on the back for continuing its medical and scientific innovations and discoveries and sharing them with even its committed enemies. In addition we'd expect, from Biden, some sincere acknowledgment of the Jewish state's continued practice of maintaining democracy and freedom throughout its nation.

He's not beneath pulling the rug from under his hosts by suggesting they make more concessions to appease the "Palestinians." He's very capable of such underhanded tactics, especially in his current eroding mental state.

We're saying a silent prayer that this visit to the region does not end up as another Biden-Built-to-Bust disaster, but that its outcome may lead to peace in the region for many years to come. Is this too much to ask??