MK Nir Orbach
MK Nir Orbach צילום: נעם מושקוביץ, דוברות הכנסת

The Knesset gave preliminary backing Wednesday to a bill dissolving the 24th Knesset, sending the proposal to the Knesset’s House Committee for review.

The bill passed its preliminary reading in the Knesset with 110-0 vote.

Committee chairman MK Nir Orbach, a Yamina member who has bolted the coalition, told Israel National News Wednesday that he does not plan on fast-tracking the bill through committee, giving Opposition lawmakers a chance to form an alternative government in the current Knesset.

Orbach said the Likud, using United Torah Judaism chief MK Moshe Gafni, is in negotiations with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and the New Hope party, in a bid to form a new coalition, preventing Foreign Minister Yair Lapid from becoming premier during the election season.

“There are negotiations involving Shaked, Gafni, Benny Gantz, and New Hope,” Orbach told Israel National News. “Everyone knows how to get into an election, but not everyone knows how to get out.”

Other Yamina MKs support the effort to form a new, right-wing government, Orbach said, but added that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s position is unclear.

“As far as Bennett is concerned, I don’t know if he will join such a government.”