Ze'ev Elkin
Ze'ev ElkinNoam Moskowitz, Knesset spokesperson

Minister Ze'ev Elkin of the New Hope party on Tuesday discussed his party’s situation in recent polls and said he believed that New Hope will run alone in the next election and will even succeed.

"We are a party that, even though it is very new, has only existed for a year, has managed to take root in Israeli politics as well. We are a faction that, if you look at what has happened in the Knesset this past year, despite all the attempts, we knew how to stand as one, we did not have defectors, we all know how to work together," Elkin said in an interview with Radio 103FM.

He added, "We are also a party that studies have shown that we meet the highest percentage of implementations of our coalition agreements and our promises to voters. Therefore, we have something to come to the voters with - a statesmanlike-run center-right party that goes in the spirit of Begin and Shamir and is not enslaved to the interests of one man.""We are not currently dealing with alliances, we are running with the infrastructure we have, with things we have said and done," stated Elkin.