Former VP Mike Pence
Former VP Mike Pence Reuters

Former Vice President Mike Pence in an interview this week said that “never in my lifetime” had he seen a president lie as much as President Joe Biden.

Speaking to Fox Business’s Larry Kudlow on Monday, Pence said that he’s shocked at the amount of false statements Biden has made during his presidency.

“Have you ever seen a president who refused to accept blame and commits so many falsehoods – I’m being very polite here calling it falsehoods – who on any given day is out there saying stuff that just isn’t true?” Kudlow asked Pence. “Have you ever seen anything like that?”

“Never in my lifetime,” Pence said. “I said today that there has never been a time in my life when a president was more disconnected from the American people.”

Former President Donald Trump denied on Friday that he had called Pence a “wimp,” as one former White House assistant testified to the House committee probing the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

Speaking at a gathering of Christian conservatives in Nashville, Trump said Pence "did not have the courage to act."

But in response to testimony from numerous Trump aides about a "heated" January 6 phone call between Pence and Trump, in which Trump called Pence a "wimp", the former President said, "I never called Mike Pence a wimp. Mike Pence had a chance to be great."