: A classroom in an Israeli highschool
: A classroom in an Israeli highschool Shutterstock

The Teacher's Union is intensifying its sanctions and has announced that no educational institutions outside of the special education field will open tomorrow, Wednesday.

The union will continue its strikes and sanctions until a concrete proposal is made by the Finance Ministry, and calls on Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman to enter into negotiations tomorrow.

The secretary general of the Teachers' Union, Yaffa Ben-David: "We have been negotiating with finance officials for six months, but we have not yet received even one concrete proposal. I call again on the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Liberman, to come in person and sit with the Minister of Education, the director general of the ministry, who is in charge of salaries, and with me - tomorrow."

The Teacher's Union has held a number of protests in recent months against low salaries in Israel's education system, including ending school early and beginning the school day two hours late.

"As is known, we are at the height of a battle to save the education system," Ben David wrote last month. "Finance Ministry officials are dragging their feet and preventing a new and fair wage agreement for you."