IDF base in the south
IDF base in the southHadas Parush/Flash90

A biologically female soldier from the Gaza Division who identifies as a trans man has been removed from the male barracks at her base and given her own place of residence, a week afterIsrael National News-Arutz Sheva reported that she had been allowed to live in the male barracks.

The military had decided to accept the soldier's request that she be addressed and treated as a male, and three weeks ago, the soldier was given a room where she could sleep alone, as well as a toilet and shower that for one hour a day are to be used only by her, all within the men's barracks.

Religious soldiers experiencing extreme discomfort due to the female soldier in their midst appealed to the rabbi of the Gaza Division, but to no avail - the rabbi explained that IDF orders obligate the army to accept and respect the trans soldier's wishes.

The soldiers also appealed to the yeshiva where they studied and to the Hesder Yeshiva Association, asking them to contact senior IDF officials so that a satisfactory solution can be found. In the meantime, the soldiers refused to sleep in the same compound as the trans soldier.

Following INN's reporting of the case, the soldier was removed from the male barracks. Instead of returning to the female barracks, she was allowed to stay in a guest house on the base, where she has a toilet and shower, as well as a double bed, refrigerator, microwave and living room.

An IDF spokesperson stated: "The IDF is working to provide tailored conditions of service for all its servants wherever they are, as was done in this case as well. After a conversation between the battalion commander and his soldiers, as well as with the soldier in question, examining the case individually with the required sensitivity and in accordance with the army's orders, it was decided to transfer the soldier to the accommodation at the base. We will not go beyond that for obvious reasons of individual privacy."