Coronavirus testing at Ben Gurion Airport
Coronavirus testing at Ben Gurion AirportFlash90

Israel's Health Ministry is concerned over a rise the number of arrivals from abroad who are testing positive for coronavirus, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the report, Health Ministry data show that in on Sunday, 926 new arrivals tested positive.

These numbers reflect only those who underwent an official test, and it is likely that many others simply did not test, or did a home test and did not report their infections.

Beginning at the end of May, incoming travelers have not been required to test for coronavirus either before or after their flights.

Over the last week, the highest percentage of these cases is among arrivals from Morocco, where 100 of 1,365 new arrivals tested positive, or more than 7%. A total 6.87% of new arrivals from Portugal have reported positive tests, along with 5.83% of those arriving from Spain.

Currently, the Health Ministry is not working to enact new restrictions on the aviation or tourism industries, and foreign tourists are still allowed to enter and leave Israel freely, without needing to present either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.