police rescue toddler
police rescue toddler Police spokesperson

A passer-by called the police Monday afternoon after seeing a toddler locked in a hot vehicle in the Kiryat HaYovel neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Moriah station police officers Sgt. Shai Abergil and Sgt. Rafael Ghazan, who quickly arrived at the scene, found the toddler sitting in a car-seat in the back of a locked vehicle.

Abergil broke the car window and quickly rescued the toddler who was fully conscious, and immediately gave him some water. Hatzalah workers were called to the scene and provided the toddler with primary medical care and he was rushed to the hospital in light condition.

The vigilance of the civilian who spotted the youngster was credited with preventing him from suffering serious injury or even death.

"We quickly arrived at the scene after an alert citizen reported the incident to us," Sergeant Abergil described. "I broke the window and took him out of the hot car while he was dripping with sweat. Even after 22 years of service in the police and countless incidents, the sense of satisfaction after the incident today is special in light of the fact that we may have saved his life."

"We remind the public again to show responsibility and vigilance throughout the year, especially now with the beginning of the summer when the risk inherent in such cases is much greater and may cost us our most precious lives," the policeman added.