Man in prison
Man in prisonצילום: Shutterstock

Torah scholar, teacher, father, respected community member… These are the many things that Rabbi Amram Levi* is known for. In a shocking turn of events, however, he may be taking on a new role: Prisoner.

According to a chilling letter from Rabbi Moshe Brandsdorfer, Levi has been framed for a crime which he did not commit. The courts have given him two choices: Pay one million shekels, or go to prison.

The Levi family is extremely worried that the conditions in prison could kill their father, a fragile older man. The price on his head, however, is far above what they could possibly afford.

In his letter to the public, now signed by Rabbi Karp and the Spinka Rebbe as well, Rav Brandsdorfer calls upon the public to help save Rabbi Levi from prison.

“Redeeming captives is a great mitzvah,” says the letter, “ more than all other forms of charity.”

Readers around the world have already begun to join the fight to save Rabbi Levi from imprisonment. The amount raised so far, however, is far from the million shekels needed. The family is watching its progress with baited breath, as this is their only hope.

*Name changed to protect privacy.