MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism) arrived on Sunday for a tour of the area to which the residents of the illegal Bedouin outpost of Khan al-Al-Khmar were to be transferred.

"The State of Israel has invested millions in dozens of plots designated for the residents of Khan al-Ahmar after they relocate," said Rothman. "But despite the promises of Bennett, Sa'ar and Liberman to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar, Benny Gantz prefers that Khan al-Ahmar continue to establish itself and expand on Highway 1."

He added, "The State of Israel lied to the Supreme Court when it asked for a postponement, claiming that Prime Minister Bennett was engaged in peace efforts in Ukraine. So far we have not received peace in Ukraine, but we have received another lie and another postponement in the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar."

"Today I submitted a request to the Knesset presidency for a quick discussion on the issue. Just as it does in the Negev, the Israeli government in one hand invests millions and in the other hand allows the establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel in the Jerusalem envelope," said Rothman.