Erdogan and Herzog
Erdogan and Herzogצילום: חיים צח/ לע"מ

Against the backdrop of recently publicized intentions to perpetrate terror attacks against Israelis present in Istanbul, Israeli President Isaac Herzog spoke Sunday with his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

President Herzog thanked President Erdoğan for the efforts to thwart terrorist activities on Turkish soil. In their conversation, the two leaders highlighted the great contribution of this cooperation to the trust being built between the governments and nations.

In their conversation, President Herzog emphasized that the threat has not yet passed and that the counterterror efforts must continue.

The two leaders agreed to continue working for peace and stability in the region by means of open and ongoing dialogue.

Over the weekend, an Israeli security official said that multiple terrorist attacks planned by Iranian agents operating in Istanbul had already been thwarted.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Saturday called on Israelis visiting Turkey to return home immediately.

"I call on all the Israelis who are in Turkey right now to obey instructions from security sources. Israel is acting to foil the Iranian attempts to carry out terror attacks, and is preparing to respond with force to any attacks on Israeli citizens - in any location."

Last week, it was reported that Turkish authorities had arrested Iranian agents plotting to abduct Israeli nationals.

Last month, the Israeli National Security Council’s counterterror department issued a travel advisory, warning Israeli citizens not to visit Turkey, citing security risks from Iran.

The advisory was issued after Iran vowed to avenge the death of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps officer shot dead in Tehran.