Police are continuing their search for 16-year-old Moshe Kleinerman from Modi'in Illit, who has been declared missing since April 4.

The police are broadening their search to cover wide swathes of ground across the country, in any area where there is an indication that the missing boy might be found, and to this end they have deployed a large contingent of police officers, rescue units, and volunteers, and other special units.

The commander of the Modi'in Illit police force, Lt. Gen. Alon Kalfon, said: "We began extensive searches on two main levels: a tactical professional search in the field with the help of military units and special measures, as well as physical searches in springs, mikvahs, and at ancient burial sites of Jewish Sages. We also plan to speak with people the missing boy has been in contact with over the years, in an attempt to find clues and pointers for where we should be searching.

"We are in close contact with the family and we will continue to search for Moshe until he is found," Kalfon added.

Kleinerman was last seen on March 25 in the Meron area in the north of the country. Despite the passage of time, police still have no clue as to the boy's location and have continually appealed to the general public to report any sighting of the boy, who is described as slim with dark hair and sidelocks with glasses. Kleinerman also has a prominent scar over his left eye.

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Anyone with any informationt that could lead to finding the boy is urged to call Israel Police at 08-6447200, or the 100 police hotline.