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Israeli officials said on Friday evening that the head of the intelligence unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Taib, is the official who is plotting terrorist attacks against Israelis in Turkey.

In recent days, there have been reports from Iran quoting sources in the Iranian security establishment demanding that Taib be ousted. The reason for the calls is that Taib and his organization have failed to halt alleged Israeli operations inside Iran, while at the same time continuing to fail to advance retaliatory attacks outside Iran, with an emphasis on the Turkish arena.

These reports describe Taib in recent days as "a wounded animal in a frenzy, who out of deep anxiety for his position vis-à-vis Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, is in a deep frenzy trying to carry out an attack against Israelis in Turkey and elsewhere at all costs."

Taib is known for his extreme personality and is reportedly now acting out of the enormous pressure he is under, as part of a fight for his status within the Iranian security establishment.

Hossein Taib, pictured above

Earlier on Friday, senior members of the defense establishment held a special assessment on the threat to Israelis in Turkey, following which they warned of an “imminent” attack, perhaps even as soon as this weekend.

"The failure so far of the Iranians and the pressure on the Iranians to carry out an attack is causing the squads to feel despair and growing danger," said the officials, according to Channel 13 News.

As of Friday evening, there are fewer Israelis in Istanbul and fewer targets. Currently, there are only about 2,000 Israelis in Istanbul, in contrast to about 5,000 during the week, and the downward trend continues.

A top defense official told Ynet on Friday evening, "We are in a rolling incident in Istanbul. The order for the attack has gone out, and Turkish and Iranian squads are turning around and looking for Israelis at all costs."

He added, "Not everything can be thwarted. I call on the Israelis to return to Israel."

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