Walla News reports that obituary notices have been circulated across Iran announcing the death of Aba Premarzian, an officer in the IRGC Air Force who worked in the missile department. Holding a rank roughly equivalent to that of lieutenant, he served at an air base in Western Iran, where a UAV hangar recently came under attack.

Earlier this week, Iranian media reported that two Iranian Air Force soldiers were killed in a single day by unknown assailants. The first report dealt with a man named Ali Kamani, who serves in the Air Force and Space Force of the Revolutionary Guards, who was killed in a motor vehicle accident. The second Muhammad Abdul, a member of the Samanan Space Center, was described in the message as a "marty", and was reported as having being killed in the line of duty.

According to obituaries circulated today (Friday) across Iran, an Air Force officer and the Revolutionary Guards missiles died on Tuesday, but the circumstances of the death have not yet been determined. And Father Premarzian, whose rank is equivalent to a lieutenant in the IDF, served at a base in western Iran, near the city of Karmanshah, the area where an Iranian UAV base was attacked.

Shortly before those deaths, Colonel Hassan Sayed Khodai of the IRGC was reported killed by unidentified individuals riding a motorcycle and firing suppressed handguns at close range. The Revolutionary Guards called the assassination a "criminal terrorist act by elements opposed to the revolution and linked to global arrogance." Israel has denied involvement in the incident.

Khodai had in the past being linked to plans to commit acts of terror against Israeli targets in Africa and South America.

After the assassination, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi announced that he had instructed to pursue the assassins, threatening: "We will avenge his blood."