Amishav Melet, a resident of the town of Geulat Zion in the Shiloh Bloc, was driving Thursday night towards the town of Kochav Hashahar, together with his family.

In the middle of the journey, as he traveled on the Alon Road near the Arab town of Kafr al-Mughayir, the family was blinded by a green laser shined straight into their front windshield and which turned out to be a well-planned ambush.

"Yesterday evening, we were driving from the Shiloh hills towards the town of Kochav Hashahar," Melet recounted. "In the middle of the road near Kafr al-Mughayir, we were suddenly blinded by a green laser. Other vehicles were blinded as well and there was almost a collision. We were stopped on the side of the road and calling the Binyamin hotline, giving them the location of the incident and footage."

"After a few moments, suddenly four vehicles from the village drove towards us, and from there it was just a horror movie. Boom, the rear windshield was shattered, a rain of rocks was hurled at us from every side."

"We quickly drove back towards Shiloh, but the Arabs continued going wild with their vehicles on the main road, and just taking apart every vehicle that was traveling on the road, with rocks and glass bottles. Another vehicle belonging to a resident of Kochav Hashahar was also hit, and we tried to maintain eye contact and direct the security forces.

"Only 20 minutes later did soldiers appear on the scene, and by then the entire road was already strewn with rocks and fragments of glass bottles. The soldiers arrived and said they couldn't do anything. Meaning they can and they very much want to do something but they told us that they were not allowed and that they did not have approval for anything. In short - frustration and angst at 200 kilometers an hour," Melet summed up angrily.

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