Tzayid apprehending the shooting suspect
Tzayid apprehending the shooting suspectIDU Public Relations

The IDF has cleared for publication that a shooting attack in the Israeli town of Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion was thwarted by an Israel Dog Unit (IDU) security dog named Tzayid (a name meaning ‘hunting’ in Hebrew).

The IDU, a nonprofit that trains and supplies security dogs for vulnerable localities throughout Israel, stationed Tzayid in the village some three years ago, in response to the murder of Dvir Sorek a short distance from Migdal Oz’s gates.

According to a report published by the IDU, multiple terrorists approached Migdal Oz from the direction of the nearby Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Beit Fajr and opened fire in the direction of Migdal Oz with homemade firearms. Migdal Oz’s chief of security rushed to the scene, accompanied by Tzayid.

The gunmen attempted to flee the area, but were apprehended by Tzayid after a brief pursuit and detained by the chief of security until the IDF and other security forces could arrive to take the terrorists into custody. No one was injured during the incident.

Migdal Oz has found itself a perennial target for similar acts of terror, which have included gunfire and the throwing of firebombs towards the village gates.

An IDU spokesperson commented that “We are proud to work with the chief of security for Migdal Oz, and proud of Tzayid, one of our eldest security dogs.”