Archive: IDF counterterrorism activity
Archive: IDF counterterrorism activityPhoto: IDF

The IDF, Israel Security Agency (Shabak), and Border Police forces on Wednesday conducted counterterrorism activities in a number of locations in Judea and Samaria.

Among the towns included in the operation were Silwad, Kadum, and Hableh.

During operational activity in the city of Hebron, IDF soldiers apprehended an individual suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, confiscated a “Carlo” submachine gun and other weaponry. Israeli Border Police forces also confiscated over 100,000 NIS worth of funds designated for terror activity.

In addition, IDF soldiers apprehended three terrorist suspects in the city of Tulkarem. The soldiers also operated in the town of Shuweika to apprehend an additional suspect and to confiscate illegal weapons. Additionally, the security forces apprehended a terrorist suspect and confiscated various illegal weapons in the city of Bethlehem.

A total of 11 individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist activities were apprehended during the overnight operations. No IDF injuries were reported.

The suspects and the confiscated funds and weapons were transferred to the security forces for further processing.

One of the confiscated weapons
One of the confiscated weaponsIDF spokesperson