Hamas in Gaza
Hamas in GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Mustafa al-Sawaf, a senior Hamas official and one of the leading journalists in the Gaza Strip, says that the Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations are improving their military readiness ahead of the the next military confrontation with Israel.

In an article in the official Hamas newspaper Felesteen, Sawaf stated that "indeed, the battle with Israel will come and its fuel will be Gaza and all of Palestine."

"This will not be an easy battle, but rather a difficult war, in which the occupation will use all its power" and on the other hand "the resistance organizations will not be negligent in fighting, sacrificing and using their power and capabilities and operating the fronts, and first and foremost the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic fronts," he added.

"I believe this will be the first decisive battle in which we, with the help of Allah, will be the victors," wrote Sawaf, who estimated that the next war would also be fought on the Iranian and Lebanese fronts in parallel with the Palestinian one.