IDFGili Yaari / Flash 90

A biologically female soldier from the Gaza Division who identifies as a trans man has asked to be addressed and treated as a male, and the military has acquiesced, going as far as to place her in the men's barracks.

About two weeks ago, the soldier was given a room where she could sleep alone, as well as a toilet and shower that for one hour a day are to be used only by her, all within the men's barracks.

Religious soldiers experiencing extreme discomfort due to the female soldier in their midst appealed to the rabbi of the Gaza Division, but to no avail - the rabbi explained that IDF orders obligate the army to accept and respect the trans soldier's wishes.

The soldiers also appealed to the yeshiva where they studied and to the Hesder Yeshiva Association, asking them to contact senior IDF officials so that a satisfactory solution can be found. In the meantime, the soldiers refuse to sleep in the same compound as the trans soldier.

"One of my friends was walking around in his underclothes inside the barracks and suddenly ran into her," a soldier in the battalion said in a conversation with his family members. "Embarrassing and disturbing situations have arisen. The rabbi says he is doing what he can.

"I tried to talk to the rabbis from the yeshiva," added the soldier. "They're trying to help, but they haven't been successful so far, perhaps because the orders have to come from within the army. There are many other guys who are bothered by this too and I hope the army finds a solution."