Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed the Biden administration's handling of Iran, dubbing its approach "crazy".

Pompeo spoke recently at the Tikvah Jewish Leadership conference, addressing recent issues in the Middle East.

"I think that the current approach to Iran is crazy," he stated. "The idea that we're going to give them the resources to counter the militias in the area is a terrible one. It will take years to undo what that approach has already caused."

Regarding Judea and Samaria, Pompeo commented "It's glorious. You have Jews and Christians and Arabs living together, and they figure it out."

He was quick to add "We want to tell a story about how these are rightful parts of the Jewish homeland, and to dispel some of the notions in the mind of the American public."

Pompeo is confident that the Abraham Accords will be expanded to other nations. "The Accords make sense," he explains. "It allows Islamic nations to recognize Israel despite the conflict with the Palestinians not having been resolved. It takes good leaders - President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Crown Prince bin-Zayad - coming together to take a non-zero risk to do what right for their nation."