"Raketa," Elbit's new radar
"Raketa," Elbit's new radarElbit

Elbit Systems has unveiled an innovative tactical radar, named "Raketa" (rocket) at the Eurostory exhibition in Paris, which is able to simultaneously detect and track thousands of objects of different types moving at different speeds, without having to prioritize targets.

This is a technological breakthrough that constitutes a leap forward in terms of operational capability. The new radar system is capable of detecting a small drone from a distance of 12 kilometers, and a person from a distance of 15 kilometers.

The battlefield of the future will be characterized by the dominance of multidimensional warfare that incorporates simultaneous use of aerial craft, motorized forces, infantry, and more. As such, conventional radar only capable of focusing on a single target is virtually obsolete.

All existing radar systems operate on the principle of prioritizing targets. They isolate one object that they identify as a target and track it while neglecting everything else; in fact, they deliberately create "dead zones" in order to be able to focus on the target.

Elbit's new radar system eliminates the need to prioritize targets as it is able to track multiple objects in space regardless of their size and the speed at which they are traveling. The system is capable of dealing with swarms of drones and UAVs while simultaneously identifying and tracking helicopters, vehicles, ships, or infantry - and even individuals.