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If you were watching Fox News primetime Thursday night, you missed the Greatest Show on Earth that was telecast over at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the ships at sea.

Most eyes were maybe on the Dem-sponsored House hearings intended to punish Trump and Republicans everywhere over what transpired Jan 6 couple of years ago.

You know the fix is in when Adam Schiff sits on the panel.

I am not going to rehash this. You either know what happened Jan 6, or you don’t, and if you don’t, forget about it and go on with your life.

You’ve got your own problems. Why let the Democrats saddle their heartaches onto yours, unless you are a Democrat?

In which case you still can’t find baby formula for your kids. Under Biden.

There are no House select committee hearings about that; a health crisis that affects millions of Americans, often with life and death consequences hanging in the balance.

Maybe that for prime time?

Nor are there plans for televised House hearings on Biden’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, which caused thousands to be left behind.

On top of that. 13 US service members were murdered in Kabul owing to Biden’s dunderhead recklessness, and certainly a qualifier for his impeachment.

Not that, either, for primetime.

When did America become a beggar? That happened when Biden shut down those gas pipelines that Trump had opened up, which had made America energy independent.

Now, America goes begging to OPEC for fuel.

Why not Israel?

Israel’s got plenty of resources, and is already exporting natural gas to Jordan, and soon, with Russia unable to fulfill Europe’s needs, Israel will be coming to Europe’s rescue.

Biden, however, would rather fixate on promoting an illegal PA consulate in Jerusalem….as Americans suffer pain at the pump. Gas prices keep soaring.

About this too all Americans suffer, but neither the Democrat House nor the Democrat media are willing to touch this.

They figure Biden will explain all that away when he shares yuks with ABC nighttime host Jimmy Kimmel, who went quickly to commercial when Biden lost track of the message.

Nor is there any interest in finding out what transpires between Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden when the two travel overseas together and somehow get rich off the Biden name.

No curiosity about that from either the House or the in-the-tank media…which, beginning in Great Britain in 1787, under Edmund Burke, used to be called the Fourth Estate.

It was called that because the press was assigned the task of keeping an eye on the three branches of government, and of being a watchdog for transparency.

Today, in America, that is but a dream. The mainstream media are nearly all Deep State Democrats. They shape the news to satisfy their politics.

So naturally, in cahoots with Congress and the White House, they will not write nor broadcast any news about Biden’s open border policy.

Thousands and soon to be millions of illegal migrants are being allowed in through America’s southern border, and are swiftly dumped on unsuspecting neighborhoods.

They are transported secretly by busses, trains and planes to specific congressional districts…where their votes are intended to make a difference.

So how did it go? What were the ratings for this first Jan 6 televised extravaganza?

Okay, but never good enough…and given the chance, they’d re-run the same show endlessly…and in fact they’re practically doing so already via follow-up coverage.

Staffers at The New York Times complain that not enough viewers were in attendance for the Really Big Show on ABC, CBC, NBC and CNN, and MSNBC.

Too many, they feared, stayed tuned to Tucker and the rest of the Fox News lineup.

A commentator for the website Deadline was equally unhappy about the lack of enthusiasm for the primetime hearing about the event on Jan 6…

Which he called “the most dreadful day in American history.”

One day, huh?

Try four years when each day Trump was assaulted with false charges on Russia…Russia…Russia.

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