War in Ukraine
War in Ukraine iStock

As the conflict continues into its fifth month, Ukraine is close to running out of ammunition as the country’s forces continue to fight against Russian troops.

According to Fox News, Ukrainian deputy head of Military Intelligence Vadym Skibitsky told the Guardian that the war has used up most of Ukraine’s ammunition.

He said that donations from other countries were enough to supply artillery on the battlefield but that Ukraine was still at a disadvantage compared to Russia.

"Everything now depends on what [the west] gives us," Skibitsky said. "Ukraine has one artillery piece to 10 to 15 Russian artillery pieces. Our western partners have given us about 10 percent of what they have."

The U.S. and other Western nations have given billions of dollars in aid and weapons to the Ukrainians since the start of the conflict.

"We have almost used up all of our [artillery] ammunition and are now using 155-calibre NATO standard shells. Europe is also delivering lower-caliber shells but as Europe runs out, the amount is getting smaller,” he said.