Rabbi Hagai Lundin
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"One should always learn from the Creator, for the Holy One Blessed Be He created all the mountains and hills, and revealed Himself on Mount Sinai due to His humility."

We are a few days after the giving of the Torah. Countless Rabbinic commentaries talk about the characteristic of humility as being central to enabling the acceptance of the Torah. Humility means recognition that there is Something above me; the willingness to accept the way in which the Holy One Blessed Be He gave me life, and as such, to give life to the next generation.

There is no more appropriate name for the "Pride Parade" than the name chosen for it; indeed, there is a surfeit of pride involved. And it is no coincidence that it was held specifically in Jerusalem and precisely before the festival of the giving of the Torah:

Every individual has the opportunity to find out for themselves, while before Mount Sinai, whether they belong to the pride people, who silence anyone who dares to think that there is something in the world beyond physical urges– or whether they belong to the people of humility and eternity.

All cultures of pride have disappeared from the world sooner or later. The Torah remains.

Life ends one day; and everyone has to choose - where do they want to belong in the account of eternity? Ask Rabbi Uri Zohar [glow], may his righteous memory be for a blessing.

The bad will pass.

The good will prevail.

With God's help.

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