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This was the commandment Hashem made in Devarim 23:15. Our army is supposed to be a holy army. Men and women serving together in mixed combat units pushes the reprehensible pretense that there are no gender differences.

It makes the dangerous assumption that there is no superior speed and upper body strength that make men better soldiers, and no high potential for serious risk and injuries that can permanently injure a woman as she tries to keep up with men.

What will be the fate of a Jewish female POW in the hands of an Iranian or Arab mob?

Does anyone really wish to rally behind that possibility?

The IDF is playing a game with Torah Jews. It’s playing a nasty deceitful game that creates an overt PR stunt against Haredi people, depicting them as cowards and parasites who do not serve.

The truth is that Haredi enlistment has been up for over 20 years. Every week, I see among the troops here in Afula getting on their buses to their bases, a number of Haredi soldiers with payot running down their cheeks and an M-16 running down their shoulder.

In filling up the combat ranks with women, the IDF is doing everything it can to deter Haredi enlistment. They are placing female soldiers in their skimpy tight outfits on all bases. This was going on for decades before this latest stunt with "females in combat".

Women serve in vital capacities in the army. They are officers, trainers, commanders, and swell the ranks of intelligence units. A unit of female observers watching the streets of Ein Ganim (Jenin) at 2AM is as vital to our security as the unit of men patrolling the streets. It is the hard work of the women who guide the men towards the enemy and away from danger.

Misusing our women by endangering them and disposing of our men by displacing them is a crime against the State of Israel.

Instead of a holy camp, the IDF is turning into a camp of licentiousness where they know that no decent religious mother or father will let their boy, who exerted himself in Torah for years, be a part of.

I know you all love IDF, and so do I. I love the idea of IDF, the idea of a Jewish national army. But I despise the gentile character it is taking on. I am terrified how the guardians of Hebron and Jerusalem are assuming an anti-Torah character. The divisive technocrats are running it like a Western zoo experiment with abominations and abortions while pretending that Arabs are to be trusted with weapons to keep Jews safe as much as any other soldier.

All this is far from our national, military, and spiritual interest. It destroys the Torah character of Judaism and real Jewish values. It destroys the nations prized jewel as the people’s army by actively excluding certain people, even risking the IDF’s fighting ability in the process.

We need to get back to the holy camp.

In that camp we had UNITY, instead of division. In that camp we had leaders who did not use our girls as play things in the game against our Torah, and leaders did not play favorites of secular over Haredi. Let’s pray that these evil government decrees and the evil leaders who make them are removed from our collective necks and that holy leadership will ascend and restore unity among us.

May we soon have a holy camp and may Shechina dwell among us.

David Ben Horinworks as a marketing manager in a hi-tech company in Hadera and loves Israel passionately. He can be found at