Hezbollah members at Lebanese border
Hezbollah members at Lebanese borderIDF Spokesperson

The Hezbollah terrorist organization is operating under the guise of the 'Green Without Borders' organization to gather intelligence at the Israel-Lebanon border.

In the new position built near the border, Hezbollah members operate under the guise of environmental activists, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and in defiance of the Lebanese military.

The IDF's Arabic spokesman, Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, revealed new photos of the organization's operatives. "Hezbollah is once again grossly violating UN resolutions despite the Lebanese army's presence in the region."

"Green Without Borders" is a Lebanese organization that claims to engage in the field of the environment with an emphasis on preserving forests in the border area between Lebanon and Israel, but in practice the organization operates positions near the border with Israel that provide Hezbollah with the cover of civilian work, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram said: "Recently, the construction of Hezbollah's front positions on the border line has intensified; we know them by name and where they come from; when the day comes, they will pay the price. All the infrastructure of the contact line. "