The World Organization of Synagogues today (Wednesday) published a series of recommendations for behavior in synagogues following the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Israel and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

The purpose of the guidelines recommended by the organization is to reduce the risk of infection among worshipers and to protect the populations at risk as much as possible.

These are the published guidelines:

1. Ensure maximum ventilation in the synagogue, especially the circulation of air from the outside, including while climate control units such as air conditioning and cooling are running.

2. In synagogues where it is not possible to maintain maximum ventilation - worshipers should be advised to wear masks, with an emphasis on prayers where the number of worshipers is large or when there is not a sufficient distance between worshippers.

3. Worshipers who belong to the at-risk groups are advised to wear masks while in synagogues.

4. In synagogues where many worshipers from at-risk groups pray,it is also appropriate for the other worshipers to show responsibility and wear a mask so as not to endanger the public.

5. Those who do not feel well will should refrain from going to the synagogue.

6. The leaders of the public, the rabbis of the congregations and the sextonof the synagogues must act and lead the congregation carefully and responsibly for the benefit of the general public of worshipers.