Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked
Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked has called on local council heads in Judea and Samaria to support the government in its attempt to pass the Judea and Samaria Regulations Law in the Knesset.

At the first conference of the Judea and Samaria regional forum on "Innovation, Society, Economy," Shaked said: "I very much hope that the Judea and Samaria law will pass and that the heads of the local authorities here will help us. I very much regret that Netanyahu and Smotrich are adopting the agenda of the Joint List and overthrowing an important law. After the opposition overthrew the Citizenship Law, we were able to pass it. It is our responsibility to ensure that these judiciary regulations are passed and we are working on it.

"If the law fails to pass," she added, "it will create huge problems for the residents of these areas, and we are already examining possible solutions. Meanwhile, we are continuing to address the problems within the coalition. The interests of the country are foremost," she stressed.

Shaked then mentioned several possible substitutes for actual legislation: "In theory, it is possible to legislate a military or executive order, but that is not a desirable outcome. We are making great efforts to pass the law, and in my opinion, it is absurd that we have reached such a situation. When we were in the opposition, Silman did not vote against the Judea and Samaria law, and I believe she will return to that way of thinking. Gideon Sa'ar said he did not intend to reward the opposition by allowing this law to fail. The Ministries of the Interior and Defense are working on ways to keep Judea and Samaria running smoothly until the law passes."

Later in her speech, Shaked insisted that the red lines she had set for herself in the current government had not been crossed. "We are implementing right-wing policies. To date, the government has not crossed an unforgivable line. For the first time ever, the Israeli Prime Minister stood up to a Democratic US President and said he would not negotiate a Palestinian state. He stood up to the President and vowed that a [Palestinian] consulate would not open in Jerusalem. We are making significant progress with the Democratic party, we held the largest Flag Parade ever [on Yom Yerushalayim], and I hope the opposition and also more members of the coalition will soon see that Judea and Samaria are integral to the state and must be protected.

"We are removing many barriers and working hard to promote settlement," she added. "For example, in Mevo Horon there was an impasse and from the moment I took office, I worked with [Construction] Minister Elkin and we were able to release significant numbers of housing units for construction. The person responsible for the timing is the Defense Minister who asked for the construction to be postponed because of Ramadan. I have enough support in the Knesset that any construction plan we approve should pass the building committee with ease."