Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar of The Sovereignty Movement visit the Israel National News studio to discuss matters relating to the sovereignty of Jerusalem.

In terms of what is really going on with the Biden administration’s attempt to open a PA consulate in Jerusalem, with them wavering back and forth, Matar explains:

“Indeed, there were rumors that they're claiming they're reopening, so we checked it out... and what we understood is that [the State Department] had to make the statement that they continue to push for it but they also understand that with this government that they're not going to be able to open a consulate.”

“But that doesn't mean that we can go to sleep,” she says. “The very fact that they don't open a consulate doesn't mean that Jerusalem is not in danger and that is the message that we want to pass on.”

Matar describes how “Jerusalem is in danger and even people on the right are not aware of how bad the situation is.”

“Demographically, there's 60 percent Jews and 40 percent Arabs,” she says. “That has to be changed because we are in danger of having elections where an Arab mayor could G-d forbid come to power. The illegal Arab construction in Jerusalem is out of proportion: Tens of thousands of units are being built illegally by the Arabs in Jerusalem and nothing is done about it.”

Matar points to the powerful influence of international organizations and countries in Jerusalem that according to her are trying their best to take away control from the Jews.

“Whether it's Morocco, whether it's the Palestinian Authority, whether it's Hamas, whether it's Saudi Arabia, and of course Jordan, it's unbelievable how they're having an input and an influence and how they're being allowed to do it is the most worrisome part.”

Matar mentions another issue she says is endangering Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem: the national plan that the PA has for a “greater Jerusalem” that they have invested close to a million dollars in.

“It’s a plan on how Jerusalem will be in 2030, that's how they call it, the '2030 plan.' It's outrageous. Where is the state of Israel? We the Sovereignty Movement, with the little money we have, we made a national outline plan for the greater Jerusalem.”

The solution the Sovereignty Movement is promoting is for a metropolitan Jerusalem.

Matar explains: “The Sovereignty Movement is promoting the ‘Greater Jerusalem plan’ which means to expand the borders of Jerusalem, turn it into a metropolis, include in it Gush Etzion, Beitar, areas of Binyamin... That would add over 250,000 Jews to Jerusalem.”

“Jerusalem also deserves to be bigger as our capital, to be much bigger. We have to sit down and do it in order to save Jerusalem from a danger and that is the topic we're going to discuss at our Sovereignty Conference too,” Matar says.

They are making inroads promoting their ideas with the youth of Israel.

“The youth is the future of our country,” Matar says. “They're very involved and we founded the Sovereignty Youth Movement, and [the fourth Sovereignty Youth convention] is going to be on Thursday June 9 in East Jerusalem where we're going to have a lot of speakers, rabbis and public figures and we will raise the flag of sovereignty over the whole land of Israel, we will raise the flag of united greater Jerusalem and we will basically prepare the future generation of leaders in Israel.”

Matar continues: “It’s going to be a big event. This is our opportunity to say thank you to all our partners who enable us to do this, the donors and the friends and supporters... You can be a soldier in the army after you're 18 and there are battles on the ground but it is also the battle of the consciousness and today the main battle for the land of Israel is in the consciousness, social media, Instagram Tik Tok, Facebook – those are soldiers for the land of Israel and we urge upon all the youth to join.”