Dozens of Israeli students and IDF soldiers in reserve held an unusual protest demonstration today in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva, wearing masks and dressed as operatives of Hamas' military wing.

The demonstration was held ahead of the publication of a report by the UN Human Rights Council which is expected condemn the State of Israel over alleged war crimes during Operation Guardian of the Walls in May, 2021.

The report, which is expected to be published next week, seeks to get to the "roots of the conflict," and to do so will require a precedent-setting examination of Israel's actions since its inception in 1948, including the accusation of Israeli 'Apartheid.'

The Shurat HaDin organization explained that the committee appointed judges who have previously accused Israel of war crimes and Apartheid policies, headed by Judge Navi Pillay, who is known for her anti-Israel statements. Therefore, the Shurat HaDin organization claims the report's conclusions were predetermined and designed to harm Israel from the start.

The Israeli students and soldiers dressed as Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and Hamas terrorists, waved Hamas and PLO flags and even applauded the UN Human Rights Council with the slogan "Thank you to the UN - you are our weapon against Israel."

Shurat HaDin said in a statement: "The UNHRC has long been accused of an obsessive hatred of Israel. Each of its three annual sessions devotes an inordinate amount of time focused on accusing, reporting and condemning Israel exclusively. The Council regularly denounces the Jewish State as a human rights violating regime, while wholly ignoring the terrorism perpetrated against Jewish civilians by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza."

But even by UNHRC standards, the "Pillay Commission" takes its anti-Israel hostility to new extremes. Established after last May 2021’s armed conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza, to investigate so-called “Israeli crimes,” the new COI unfairly directs all its allegations against Israel and the IDF while turning a blind eye to the intentional targeting and murder of Israeli civilians by the Islamic terrorist group. Shurat HaDin accuses the Pillay COI of following in the anti-Semitic footsteps of dozens of prior anti-Israeli resolutions and reports that blatantly ignore heinous human rights violations and genocide worldwide but remains obsessively focused on the Jewish State," the organization added.