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An obstetrician from the central town of Havatzelet Hasharon was arrested last week Wednesday, on suspicion of involvement in obstetrics, despite the fact that his license has been revoked, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The doctor's arrest was extended until Sunday.

The case came to light following a report by a hospital in the Sharon region regarding a new mother who arrived with a birth complication, who arrived following a failed birth which had begun with the help of an obstetrician.

Investigators in central Israel immediately opened an investigation into the matter, and began to suspect that the doctor was Dr. Ilan Halevi, who has in the past been caught committing similar crimes and whose clinic was closed by administrative order and his license suspended.

The investigators collected evidence against the doctor, intending to add it to the indictment. In the indictment filed against Dr. Halevi last year, it was claimed that he received women for natural births despite the fact that under medical guidelines they were not candidates for natural births.

For instance, in 2018, Dr. Halevi agreed to naturally deliver a woman who had undergone two Caesarean sections. Following the birth, it became clear that the woman's uterus had ruptured during delivery. In addition, in the case which ended with a complication, the doctor requested that the patient not mention his name to the hospital staff, and sent her to a hospital which was further away, so that staff would not connect him to the incident.

In addition, the indictment states that the doctor performed an abortion for a woman who had not received approval from the Health Ministry committee to abort her fetus.

For his part, Halevi has denied the claims.