Gas balloons (illustrative)
Gas balloons (illustrative)iStock

Police officers from the Ramle police station on Monday morning participated in a concentrated operation to confiscate illegal gas balloons, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The operation, carried out in cooperation with the Energy Ministry's Fuel Department and the Environmental Protection Department's Infrastructure Group, uncovered dozens of gas balloons in the yard of a home in the city's Ju'arish neighborhood.

It is suspected that all of the gas balloons were stored in the yard illegally.

As part of the operation, the Energy Ministry confiscated the gas balloons.

"This was a focused operation for the purpose of increasing governance and deterrence in the sector, as well as ensuring the public's safety, since alongside the economic crime of smuggling gas balloons, this is a real safety risk," a police spokesman said. "Gas balloons must only be purchased from licensed dealers."