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Israelis who were on vacation in Greece documented themselves leaving the hotel room while vandalizing it and leaving mountains of garbage and clutter in it.

Their actions went viral online, and much criticism was leveled against Israelis as a whole.

For example, network anchor Yevgeny Zrobinsky wrote: "I am ashamed that these people seem to be connected to me in any way."

Media personality Nadav Perry wrote: "What about a name? I want a name for this garbage. I want a black dot on his passport that will be seen at every border checkpoint, I want the military authorities to be aware of them. Simply shaming an unfamiliar face isn't enough."

Israel's Minister of Tourism, Yoel Rezbozov, commented: "Every Israeli on vacation represents an entire country. As soon as I saw the despicable, ugly, invalid and harmful documentation for all Israeli citizens, I turned to my counterpart, the Minister of Tourism of Greece, and Silis Kikillias. I told him this criminal behavior does not represent "Israeli. Vacation is not a moral freedom."