Vladimir Putin
Vladimir PutinREUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin underwent treatment for advanced cancer in April, according to a report quoting three high-ranking US intelligence officials.

Newsweek published the report Thursday, citing information the three intelligence officials – who represent three different US intelligence agencies – shared from a recent White House assessment of the Russian leader’s health status.

In late May, US intelligence officials put together their fourth comprehensive assessment of Putin’s medical condition.

The three officials, from the office of the Director of National Intelligence, a retired senior Air Force officer, and a Defense Intelligence Agency official, said that Putin appears to have undergone treatment for cancer in April, and that his declining health has impacted his ability to function as president.

"Putin's grip is strong but no longer absolute," one of the officials said.

But all three emphasized that Putin’s isolation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has cut Western intelligence agencies off from key sources of inside information.

Some observers have seized on Putin’s behavior at public appearances as evidence of a general physical decline, using even his posture or the position of his hands to suggest the 69-year-old leader is suffering from specific maladies, such as Parkinson’s.

Aside from Putin’s medical status, the officials cited by Thursday’s report said last month’s White House assessment confirmed that an attempted had been made in March to assassinate Putin.

Last month, Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence, told Pravda that "there was an attempt to assassinate Putin" in March. Budanov suggested the attempt was not orchestrated by Ukraine, hinting that the plot originated in the Caucasus region.