Hospital hallway
Hospital hallway צילום: shutterstock

Screams echoed through the hallways of an Israeli hospital yesterday, as medical staff attempted to console a hysterical young woman. The woman was Ruchama Shitrit, who had just been told that her mother had passed away.

Ruchama’s mother raised her alone after she lost her father to cancer as a young child. Now, two weeks before she is scheduled to be married, her mother has passed away as well. Those close to the family say Ruchama had faith and trust that her mother would live to dance with her on her wedding day. As the heart monitor went flat yesterday morning, those dreams were shattered.

A hachnasas kallah fund has been opened for Ruchama, who is now grieving and unable to afford the wedding expenses. Money collected will go toward affording the basics needed for a wedding.

Though no donation will bring her mother back, help from strangers may show Ruchama that she is not alone during this unthinkably painful time.