Illustration Israel Police spokesperson

An IDF soldier was moderately injured on Wednesday when a stun grenade he was holding exploded during routine operations in central Israel.

The soldier received initial medical treatment at the scene and was evacuated for further treatment at a hospital.

The IDF said that the soldier’s family had been notified of incident which is being investigated.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was cleared for publication that IAF fighter jets intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle near Mount Saggi in the Negev earlier this week.

The UAV was discovered and tracked continuously until it was intercepted after crossing into Israel from Egypt.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the UAV was an unarmed Egyptian aircraft, which lost control due to a malfunction and crossed into Israel. Fighter jets intercepted the aircraft after coordination with the Egyptians.

The defense establishment delayed publication of the incident for two days due to sensitivity towards the Egyptian side in such cases.