Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker with an inspirational story who is a strong supporter of Israel.

“I had the honor of meeting, Nick Vujicic , a motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome,” Netanyahu said in a Facebook post. “I heard about his inspiring story and thanked him for his courageous support for Israel. Thank you Nick for praying for Israel.”

Vujicic, sitting next to Netanyahu, said: “G-d, we thank you. We thank you for Israel. We thank you so much for your love for this country and its future. G-d, I pray that you would once again bless Benjamin Netnayahu and the mission that you’ve given him, the vision that you’ve given him, the legacy that you’ve given him, the stewardship you’ve given him. The incredible favor that you’ve given him.”

Vujicic called for the relationship between Israel and America to “continue to be blessed.”

He continued: “G-d help us to seek your heart, to be renewed in our mind. We pray for the youth in Israel. We pray for a steroid shot of hope, of purpose, of meaning of life. We pray [for] aliya as well. We ask G-d that you would call your people back here according to your will and timing. We thank you that you do indeed bless those nations that bless Israel. But we don’t bless Israel to get a blessing. We bless Israel because it’s a commission, it’s part of the great commission and the mandate to honor your people.”

“So father we thank you,” Vujicic said, “for the incredible cornerstone faith, Lord G-d and the Torah, and the celestial ground, the foundation of the Jewish people and faith that you will continue to help us and to inspire, to unite and see Israel continue year after year after year.”