Why Bill de Blasio is unafraid of New York’s Jews
Why Bill de Blasio is unafraid of New York’s Jews

Well of course Mayor Bill de Blasio felt safe blaspheming the entire Jewish population of New York City for a lockdown breach committed by a few.

These were Williamsburg faithful who crowded around a cemetery for their rabbi’s funeral – and to do so was a mistake.

But it could have been corrected by a whisper. Instead, read this, the Mayor went to twitter to vent his anger at the mourners, to the point of threatening their arrest, and by extension roping together all Jews as pandemic scofflaws. As you’d expect, of the 1.1 million Jewish New Yorkers, this outraged the 99 percent who abide the rules.

What did they do? 

Says here, they expressed their “anger and disappointment” against the Mayor by – sending him a letter. 

Yes, yes, more than 100 Jewish leaders sent him a letter to “discuss constructive approaches to the pandemic.” Etc. Then they DEMANDED a meeting,

That will surely be followed by calls, by them, for an interfaith meeting between Muslims and Jews.

Will the Mayor accede to their demands? Why should he?

Jews in NYC and elsewhere do not care how often they, and Israel, are betrayed by the Party.
New Yorkers will vote for him anyway…de Blasio or any other Democrat. Jews in NYC and elsewhere do not care how often they, and Israel, are betrayed by the Party.

They vote Democrat. Period.

So there is no reason for de Blasio to appease the hurt, because Jews are unlike some others. These do not send letters when they are offended.

The world knows how they retaliate, and the world is afraid. De Blasio is afraid. He will say to Jews what he will never say to Muslims…never so frankly.

The world knows, and de Blasio knows that Jews, when offended, will never slash tires, break windows, overturn automobiles, stab pedestrians, nor riot in any other way.

Jews don’t riot.

Jews send letters.

Jews DEMAND a meeting.

Jews want to DISCUSS.

Jews want more interfaith DIALOGUE.

Yes, that is sure to make a difference.

Of the faithful in Williamsburg, who were so harshly singled out…how did they respond?

They prayed. 

Nothing for de Blasio to worry about. What – that gangs of Yeshiva kids are going to terrorize the subways? Never on the Sabbath or any other day of the week.

Jews don’t terrorize.

Of what is there to be afraid?

This isn’t Israel, where Jews know how to fight.

This is America, where Jews have been utterly tamed.

No insult will dissuade my brothers and sisters from their loyalty to the Party. Will they keep on voting like this…at a clip of 85 percent Democrat?

Such a question. Of course they will. De Blasio knows his people; the people who never learn. 

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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