When a crisis throws the middle class off the charts
When a crisis throws the middle class off the charts
On the 11th of Nisan, the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Joseph Caro, it is my custom to visit Tzfat, a city which I love, which thrives on education and on tourism. Not this year.

With both industries gone haywire, thousands of gainfully employed people in Tzfat have been thrown out of work.

As a result, this year we had only a virtual sojourn to Tzfat.

All of a sudden, as income has disappeared, many people in Tzfat now find that they cannot buy food.

This is not the classic situation of poverty, where someone who is infirm or ill is in need.

Charitable funds are often only raised only for such people

But take Ketuvot 67 B, where a “Ben Tovim,” a member of high society, is suddenly impoverished, and the decision is that the burden rests on the community to feed him in a way that will preserve his dignity.

Yet how do you preserve the dignity of someone who has never asked for help in his life?

Suggestion: Create a discreet food coupon system.

Help people with food coupons, to enable those who have suddenly lost their source of income to shop for food.

Since the effects of the Corona Virus syndrome will probably last for many months, such a food coupon system would have to last for many months, if not for a year.

The community in which we live has adopted the idea and has acquired coupons for the local Rami Levi supermarket.

The community let people know that if you find yourself in the financial bind where you cannot buy food, there is a certain respected person whom you can see privately and who can provide you with coupon (s) for the local supermarket.

Funds will flow to Tzfat and to every place in the world to help people in sudden distress.

Every community on earth is affected. 

It behooves each city in the world to create a system to provide for those who could never imagine that they would need their community to feed them.