Pelosi's chutzpah
Pelosi's chutzpah

Do we really need Congress? 

Right now, it appears to some, or many, that the three branches of government are these – Executive, Judicial, and Nancy Pelosi. 

That is not what the Founders had in mind, but there it is.

If you are an American, any one of the 325 million, you could be thinking that Nancy Pelosi controls your fate. 

One person is all it takes to turn an entire nation upside down. Sometimes two, as when a Libertarian/Republican, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, tried to derail final passage of the financial rescue CARES Act. Thank goodness he failed. Both sides gave him the cold shoulder. So at times both sides deserve credit and blame. Politicians are politicians.

So this is not a howl against Democrats in particular, rather all politicians who’ve forgotten the people they were sworn to serve.

In this case, it was House Democrats who played it much too close for comfort.

You knew that especially hard when the Republican Senate proposed a financial bill to boost cash-strapped Americans at this time of crisis, had it all ready to go, pronto, until Democrat leader of the House Nancy Pelosi flew in from California and said no way, let them eat cake. At a time when every day counted, she stalled the measure in order to include Mickey Mouse addendums, so that solar and wind panels shouldn’t suffer. Nor should illegal aliens.

If you are a law-abiding American, tough luck. You have to wait your turn. 

You would think the President would have the final say. But no. He can only enforce the laws, and the Supreme Court can only interpret the laws, which are made by Congress, and this means? This means Nancy Pelosi. She controls the House and whatever she says goes, or goes nowhere, as we saw her slow-walk and nearly wreck the desperately-needed deal.

Yes, the measure passed, but only after an agonizing week of political games…as millions waited for help to pay the rent. 

Come November, voters need to remember that when it was time to rock and roll, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat majority did the two-step waltz.

Highly recommend you read this from The American Spectator – “The Impeachment That Killed Americans.” In short, while House Democrats were busy impeaching Trump, they had no time to focus on what could be coming over the horizon, namely the virus from China… and even today, Pelosi accuses Trump, yes, Trump, of having “fiddled while people died.” Now, that is chutzpah.

In turn, he called her, “A sick puppy.”

Why, you ask, didn’t the President go ahead and make the financial relief package just happen, just snap his fingers and get it into the system?

Legally, he can’t. It’s beyond his powers. Only Congress – Nancy Pelosi, that is, has power over the purse. But wait a minute.

As I recall, Barack Obama declared that he does not need Congress. He’s got a phone and a pen, he smirked, so he can do whatever he wants, and he did.

In dizzying speed, he shipped over $150 Billion to the mullahs in Iran, and he did not ask Congress for permission.

From somewhere, he found the money.

Why can’t President Trump do the same for Americans, Congress be damned?

I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for the question to come up during Trump’s daily press briefings, but the millennials who run our news media don’t know anything.

The news media have been despicable during this entire period…blaming Trump is all they wish to do…and like Congress, they are equally useless.

Next time we need to discuss why the major networks, including CNN, are not covering, or only partly covering, Trump’s daily press briefings, wherein his medical teams provide vital information. Is it because his ratings go up after he’s seen on Fox News, but for them, the general media, life and death are secondary to hating Trump? Yes, this needs to be discussed.

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