The political surprise that no one imagined - only in Israel
The political surprise that no one imagined - only in Israel

Only in Israel can politics beat Corona for center stage and for surprise value.

Until Wednesday afternoon the Left/Arab bloc was riding high and mighty in the camel's saddle. The Supreme Court and the loyal, cheerleading media were gleefully pushing the throttle forward of the steamroller, burying underfoot any chance of Netanyahu escaping the political juggernaut partnership of Arabs and post-Jewish Jews.  

They were certain that the nasty Jewish part of the Jewish state would be put in its place this time.

Well, as happens so often in Jewish history and compounded in Israel's short, miraculous history, "der mentch tracht un der Gott lacht"(Man proposes and G-d disposes).

Benny Gantz, who was convinced that he could be prime minister leading an alliance of the angry minority groups in Israel (Arabs and post-Jewish Jews), realized that his eager minions were not enough for the final punch. Within his ranks of those promised power for their allegiance were a few individuals who in the critical test just  could not sell their soul. Apparently the "Pintile Yid" (the intrinsic spark of a Jewish soul ) in them gave them no rest.

Perhaps the images of loving grandparents who longed for Zion blocked their way to actually walking hand in hand with Jew-haters. 

Gantz did the math and realized that without them he lacked the sixty-one seat majority to form the anti - Bibi government.Thus, in a last-minute move, without informing his erstwhile allies, he struck a deal with Netanyahu.

Gantz will share power in the government together with what is left of his alliance, now that Lapid and Ya'alon have broken off from Blue & White. However, his political career will in all probability end there.

It will be interesting to see how Gantz, the most unpopular politician in Israel up to today will function in the "Unity Government."

He made two strategic promises that catapulted him into political power; One: never Bibi and two never Arabs. He broke both promises.

Jewish Israel will not vote for him unless he works miracles in the second half of the coalition agreement - not yet signed - when he is acting prime minister. Netanyahu is a hard act to follow and the Likud will certainly not nominate him.

Who is to be his constituency?

He seems to have no political future and it would seem that neither does the Left which ran circles around themselves in a whirlwind of backstabbing.

Yes, one can die of many things in Israel; even G-d forbid of Corona, but never of boredom.