Stop this insanity before it's too late
Stop this insanity before it's too late

Rabbi Lewin is the spokesperson for the Rabbinical Congress for Peace

A heartfelt appeal to Benny Ganz: Stop this insanity before it is too late!

Today, as fear and dread spread through the world, affecting, as well, the People of Israel, we offer our prayers and supplications to the Creator to save us from the Coronavirus.

Nonetheless, we, the four hundred members of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace “Pikuach Nefesh” feel it our sacred duty to alert the Israeli public to an even greater danger that hangs over their heads. For the threat of the Coronavirus is nothing compared to the establishment of a left-wing government supported by Israel’s enemies. The Arab parties of the Knesset are a “fifth column” within the State of Israel, that encourage and aid terrorists and dance in celebration at the deaths of Israeli citizens and soldiers.

To our great dismay, the leaders of the Blue and White Party, whose past actions profoundly benefited the nation of Israel, seem to have completely lost their minds. They refuse to open their eyes and recognize the simple fact that the Knesset members of the Joint List are the sworn enemies of every Jew – including the leaders of the Blue and White party themselves. They should realize that their present course of action – to establish an Israeli government together with the enemies of the state – will not bring peace and stability, but will immortalize them for eternal shame in the history of the Jewish people. 

We cry, beg and demand from the heads of Blue and White, and particularly, from Benny Gantz, to stop this insanity before it is too late: “Please! Do not continue this plan!” 

What will you tell your children and grandchildren? You can still regret your actions and turn back from the terrible step that you are about to take, which will endanger the lives of the Jewish people and all the residents of the Holy Land.

We urge every Jew to add an addition prayer—beyond those said regularly for the peace of Israel—that will open the gates of Heaven and remove this terrible decree of a leftist government supported by our enemies, the United Arab List.

The Rabbis of Israel, who represent the perspective of the Torah and Jewish Law, call for immediate action, to enlighten every Jew about the grave and looming danger, so that they will do everything possible to establish a government whose goal is Jewish sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel, and the peace and welfare of its inhabitants. And may we merit the blessing “'I will grant peace in the land, and you will lie down and no one will make you afraid, and you will walk with your heads held high” (Lev. 26).

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