Corona and Israeli politics
Corona and Israeli politics

The Coronavirus has many of us contemplating our relationship with our Creator  For some, it helps brings our suddenly unpredictable and tenuous existence into a new perspective. We watch as previously reliable realities become the very source of anxiety and lack of confidence.

God willing we will survive this sudden awaking and become  more somber, modest and wiser as we acquire a healthier perspective in our relationship with the One who creates  and removes with a "thought" 

And yet - at a time when many people look inward with higher thoughts. Incredibly in Israel, there is a group of people for whom the very idea of introspection and soul searching is the farthest thing from their minds. They are a small group who are hell bent on grabbing political power in the Jewish state even if it means open treachery to that state.

I am of course referring to the "three generals" and former columnist/entertainer heading the Blue and White party whose major appeal to its electorate was a promise of "just not Bibi".

Just in case their many fellow Bibi haters were not willing to attain this lofty goal at the price of crawling and pandering to anti-Israel, Arab political parties, they repeatedly made it clear that it would never, never happen. Never, never. Never. This most solemn assurance was enough for most of their fellow Bibi haters.No Bibi; no terrorist loving Arabs. That was the formula.

Every pre-election poll concluded that this was an impossibility. Blue and White - the hate Bibi party would definitely need the Arabs. They can not get a Jewish majority. Yet they assured all that it would never happen. Their voters ignored the polls and voted the anti-Bibi party. (the very same is true with Liberman and his equally traitorous and openly antisemitic behavior villifyiing the haredi and rightwing religious Zionist sectors, aimed at the non-halakhically Jewish Russian vote and visible only on his Russian campaign site).

Surprise. The polls were right. There can be no anti-Bibi party without the acquiescence of the representatives of half a million Jew-hating Israeli Arab voters.

Never mind; No price paid to them will be more unsavory than the thought of Bibi as prime minister. And so we are facing the possibility of a government of the Jewish state ruled by anti-Jewish Arab fanatics together with shameless Jewish traitors; bound together by a common hatred of Bibi.

The vast majority of Jews of the Jewish state are enraged by the scenario.

The Left has long ago lost any chance to lead a majority of Jews in the Jewish state and so they must run on a platform of hatred for one man and disdain for all the Jews who are just "too Jewish or "messianic". In this quest for a Jewish state that looks as little Jewish as possible, they are eager to enlist those who openly support and love Jew killers.

Yes, it has come to this. The hate and a power-crazed group of "generals" and fellow travelers have just hammered the last nails into the coffin of the Left in Israel. Whether they form their gov't with the terror loving Arabs or not, the slime is out of the bag. The next official demonstration of public opinion will be an avalanche of support for the Jewish state and not just a state where a minority of Jews rule.

Way back in 1996, when Peres lost a tight election to Bibi, Peres said that " it was the Jews who defeated the Israelis" I assume he counted the Arab voters as part of the "Israelis" who lost to the Jews. 

Whatever the soul searching in the post Corona experience, I am certain that the "generals" and their fellow traitorous travelers will not rise from the polecat that they let out of the bag.

May it be the beginning of a new day for the Jewish state.

Shalom Pollack is a popular Israeli tour guide. He can be reached at  [email protected]

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