For Bernie the Communist, oil ain't the only thing that's rigged
For Bernie the Communist, oil ain't the only thing that's rigged

For all the talk about Putin manipulating American elections and about Communist plots, you’ve got to give it to the Democrats —  they hatched their own Anti-Communist Plot., but against their own candidate. 

Bernie Sanders, the first Communist to run for American president on a major party ticket, has met his Beria. The party is over, Boinie. The Communist party. But don’t fret, you still can celebrate anniversaries with Jane in Cuba or, at least for now, in Venezuela.

We have had Communists run in the past, but they used to run on their own Communist party ticket. So John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, could not just cast his Communist vote for any old Democrat. To get Gus Hall, Brennan had to find the column for the Communist Party USA.

It was a plot that finished Boinie. Did it not strike you as strange that Amy Klobuchar raised and spent millions, did incredibly pathetically in Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina — and then suddenly dropped out only one day before Super Tuesday?  And then Pete followed her from behind.  Didn’t that seem strange?  Like, I make payments for a year for a trip and tickets to the Super Bowl or World Series, and the day before the big game or series, which this year is being played in my city, I decide “Naaaah. Fuggediboudit. I’ll just go to the Did it not strike you as strange that Amy Klobuchar raised and spent millions, did incredibly pathetically in Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina — and then suddenly dropped out only one day before Super Tuesday?  And then Pete followed her from behind.  (And now Warren and Bloomberg?) Didn’t that seem strange? 
supermarket and see if I can find hand sanitizer.” Does that make sense?

Buttigieg and Klobuchar already raised and spent the millions upon millions for Super Tuesday. They campaigned throughout the fourteen states instead of attending to the duties for which they are salaried as Minnesota senator or South Bend mayor.  They already had the campaign staffs and get-out-the-vote apparati in place in the states. They did all the work, spent all the dough. All they had left to do was to wait for the results. Neither was ashamed to get only two or three percent in Nevada and in South Carolina. It was Sunday morning when those results were final, and Super Tuesday was less than 48 hours away.

What possible sense could anyone make of their suddenly quitting the race at that moment instead of just waiting one more day to see what surprises might emerge? Maybe Klobuchar would do better than three percent in Minnesota. Maybe Pete would carry San Francisco. 

When Joe DiMaggio retired from baseball, he still could play incredibly well, but he famously chose to step aside while he still was at the top of his game. By contrast, Mickey Mantle stayed one year too long, dropping his lifetime batting average a single digit below .300.  Ouch! Why would Klobuchar and Pete quit hours before fourteen states would give them a chance to exit at least somewhere at better than two percent? How much worse than two percent could they have done? Even Bloomberg clearly smelled that he had the five delegates of American Samoa within grasp — maybe no more, or maybe even samoa.  But what of Salad-Comb Amy and South Bending Pete?

Their carefully coordinated sudden egress clearly was a plot, a conspiracy, a fix.  The DNC unquestionably rigged Super Tuesday to stop Bernie before he could implement his first Five Year Plan for wheat and famine.  Someone clearly got to Buttigieg and promised him something — maybe a seat on the Burisma board? — if he would drop out pronto. As for Amy, maybe a cabinet post as Secretary of Meanness and Viciousness. Or maybe the Vice President spot? Who knows?  But there was a deal, a coordinated fix.

They each wanted to stop Sanders? OK. So why didn’t they wait until the day after Super Tuesday? Still plenty of time to save Biden in his quest for the U.S. Senate or whatever office he now tells his audiences he is seeking. And Bloomberg Billions is the proof that it was a fix. Bloomberg did the sensible, normal thing.  He already had spent the bucks, run the ads, spoke above the heads of the stupid farmers and dopey factory workers, gotten abused in the debates. But he had spent the money, and he sensibly waited another day or two before quitting. That makes sense and underscores that Klobuchar’s and Buttigieg’s exits were rigged.

No complaints from this quarter about Bernie’s demise. Da soonuh, da bedduh. Sanders is to be despised. He hates capitalists, people who work hard for every stitch they own.  He hates Jews who support a strong Israel, and he hates such Jews with a particular passion that exists only among self-described anti-Semites and Jewish apostates and renegades.

When Sanders calls Benjamin Netanyahu a racist, he is speaking of the man who has been democratically elected by the Jews of Israel for four consecutive terms and for more than a decade. Again, in Israel’s just-concluded elections, Netanyahu’s coalition got 58 seats, the Center-Left Jewish opposition barely got a measly 40 seats, and the eccentric Avigdor Liberman, who represents rabidly right-wing anti-communist Russian immigrants, got seven seats. (An Arab coalition of four anti-Zionist parties got the remaining 15 Knesset seats.) 

So, yet again, Netanyahu was the choice of the overwhelming majority of Israel’s Jews. When Sanders calls Bibi “racist,” he is denouncing as “racist” the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews who keep voting for him. That is why Jew-haters Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib were Sanders’s earliest backers and campaign surrogates.

So no complaints here that the Communist Sanders got cornered by the petty bourgeoisie all around him. Yes, I had mixed feelings, counter-intuitively pulling for him a bit to get the nomination so that he could lead the whole Democrat Congress in November down to the purgatory they have earned. But one always hesitates because, unlike politicians, talking heads, and TV newscasters, I do not hold a brief for the “wisdom of the American people.” I bristle when someone on a TV talk show says “The American People are too smart to . . .”

No, they’re not. Gimme a break. The “American People” made Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House, Adam Schiff the House “Intelligence” Committee head, and such. So there always is a chance that a Sanders candidacy could end up destroying everything Americans have built. If he somehow were to get the votes, retirement savings would be wiped out, the economy eradicated.

If you think Coronavirus jolted the stock market, a Sanders presidency would give America a stock market and economy like those of Cuba and Venezuela.  Domestic energy production would stop. Americans would lose their private health care at work or the Medicare they worked and paid a lifetime to have in retirement. Businesses would move back overseas, even to Coronavirus destinations. Cash and bank accounts would emigrate offshore.  Private industries would close. People eventually would stop working so many hours, so diligently, because they would see the fruits of their labors all taken away , while being assured that they would get a cash transfer anyway just for contemplating navels and picking little dust balls out.

So that is the good news. For Bernie the darkness begins, as his Communist campaign descends into darkness. He should have campaigned for more Glasnost within the DNC. His only remaining hope — and it is not inconceivable — is that Joe Biden truly yet will break down by August. Not to make fun of a man who clearly is receding, but the Biden gaffes are increasing in frequency and in incoherence.

It is not just the things like awkwardly urging-on a person to stand and take a bow when he is wheelchair-bound, or reminiscing about children rubbing the hair on his legs, or some of his gaffes like “Poor kids are just as bright as White kids” or “Ya can’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent; I’m not joking.”  Rather, the deceleration is becoming more manifest. “I’m Joe Biden, and I am a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.” Or calling Super Tuesday “Super Thursday.” If Biden continues to recede, that could put Bernie back into play at the Convention, to the degree that delegates think Sanders is particularly more coherent, but the DNC will block him again. So Sanders awaits in vain.

Where does that leave the squaw  who came in last place in her home state of Massachusetts?  By all odds, Fauxcohontas should have been returning to the reservation to stop splitting the Left in the same way that Pete, Klobuchar, and Billions dropped out to solidify behind Biden. And she just did.

It is bad enough for her that she did not win her own state, but to come in last behind two old Paleface guys?  What kept her dancing with wolves for that long? It might have been the opportunity to keep destroying that billionaire whose wealth she so jealously covets for her own. But Billions just dropped out, too.

And we know just who is left.