Did Biden win or did Sanders lose?
Did Biden win or did Sanders lose?

The smart money in racing always comes in at the end, and so too it was that Joe Biden picked up “late-deciders” to win Super Tuesday, nine to five over Bernie Sanders.

Something happened, because it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Sanders had the spiel, and the money, and the crowds, and the momentum, and there was nothing left, all the polls said so, except to clinch the deal before the Democrat National Convention, in Milwaukee, July 13. Not so fast, and hold the hurrahs.

So what happened? Did Biden suddenly grow flowers, or did Bernie suddenly grow thorns.

No, Biden didn’t change. Still good old Joe. Same message. Whatever it is. Same gaffes. But he had the advantage of Sanders’ huge mistake – Fidel Castro.

That was in February, at the debate in South Carolina, when Sanders…not known for gaffes…opined that the Cuban dictator deserved praise for introducing literacy programs into the country. For saying that, and forgetting the 5,600 dissidents who were murdered by firing squad for the glory of Castro’s communist utopia, the audience pounced on Sanders through jeers.

Sanders’ campaign was bruised and bloodied right at that spot, there, then, and nationally. In a blink, people saw something they did not like – even among Democrats.

At the time, for some, it seemed to be only a bad moment, but others saw it for the high drama that it was.

Then it got worse when Sanders protested the negative reaction and jeered back – “Really? Really?”

That’s no way to win over undecided voters. Yes, the legions, the Bernie Bros, that he safely had in his hip pocket, and it appeared to be enough to get him the nomination.

Not counted were, in fact, those late-deciders, and what they saw, across the country, was a man who truly To proclaim partnership and solidarity with known America and Israel haters is no recipe for success, even among Dems...
loved communists and was himself a table-pounding Socialist, and perhaps himself a communist. For straight-up Democrats, who were willing to ride it out with Sanders, since pickings were slim, this was a bridge too far.

Now he was being perceived as an angry old man, an apologist for tyrants, a Marx-spouting crazed Bolshevik.

The awakening, to what this man really is, apart from his inflamed and inflammatory followers, was slow in coming, but then something else became distasteful.

To proclaim partnership and solidarity with known America and Israel haters is no recipe for success, even among Dems, who are still Americans, after all, but Sanders kept rubbing it in, his association with Rashida Tlaib, and Linda Sarsour, in a word, the Farrakhan Wing of the Democrat Party. Did that win him converts?

Not likely, and then, to top it off, for Super Tuesday, he campaigned in Minnesota with “anti-Semite of the year” Rep. Ilhan Omar. 

He lost. He lost the state, and he even lost her district.

Then in Texas, where Sanders also lost, a voter told Fox News, “We’re not ready for Socialism,” speaking perhaps for America, Israel, and Western Civilization.

So, Super Tuesday at least, it wasn’t so much Biden who won for Biden. Sanders gets much of the credit, because to know Bernie Sanders is not to like him very much.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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