China's Communist regime is a virus
China's Communist regime is a virus

Italy has 12 dead, 378 infected, 11 municipalities and 50,000 people under quarantine, schools closed all over the Italian north, all public events and school trips canceled, flights and trains and buses from Italy to Austria and France and Mauritius stopped, restrictions from some countries, mass psychosis in supermarkets, diverted railways... This is a partial summary of the Chinese Coranovirus in Italy, the world's third country most affected.

While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accuses China of lying about the true extent of the coronavirus, over 780 million Chinese are now under quarantine or under various forms of movement restrictions,

I don't trust a country that has aborted 30 million girls just because they are female and that has the cult of Xi's personality.
CNN writes. Let's repeat it together: 780 million people or half of the Chinese population. Imports to China fell by one third and exports by half.

For a regime that depends entirely on its economic growth to divert the attention of its citizens and the world from its horrible human rights abuses, this is something unprecedented.

China has just sentenced a Hong Kong bookseller to 10 years in prison. Gui Minhai is a “dangerous” troublemaker who published gossip novels about Chinese leaders. We continue to accept slavishly any practces of that horrendous paracommunist Chinese regime, which transplants organs of death row inmates, which aborts girls because they are female and which wants to eradicate religion.

“The Chinese communist regime is an existential threat not only for its 1.4 billion citizens, but for the whole world”, writes the American historian Victor Davis Hanson. He is right. Not only has China enriched itself by distorting trade and stealing technology in much the same way it deals with epidemics, it is now willing to put millions of people at risk of infection and death.

It is country that traffics in biological weapons, that carries out human-animal genetic experiments and that has concentration camps with the motto “laodong gaizao”, or work transforms, as the Nazi “arbeit macht frei”, work makes free. In Wuhan, Radio Free Asia reveals that the bodies of the victims of the virus are being cremated 24//7. We will never know the extent of the contamination.

There is no transparency on the origin of the virus, its extent and development. The fact that the Institute of Virology is in Wuhan, an institute which carries out secret work for the armed forces, has predictably generated speculation that the virus may have leaked from that institution. If so, it would be reminiscent of the 1979 anthrax explosion in Sverdlovsk, the Soviet Union, when anthrax spores emerged from a biological facility, killing dozens of people.

The ban on traveling from Wuhan only came into effect after five million people had already left the city.

The Chinese regime spent the first few days arresting anyone who spread the news about the virus. The Chinese communist system requires sycophants, servants, censors, opacity, control and absence of information. The fight against coronavirus requires the opposite.

I don't trust a country that has aborted 30 million girls just because they are female and that has the cult of Xi's personality.

The Chinese Communist dictatorship is itself a virus. And it is endangering all of us.