Save the West: US educatonal reform is crucial
Save the West: US educatonal reform is crucial

Jon Sutz co-authored this article.

President Trump called for education reform in his recent State of the Union address. He specifically emphasized the need for school choice, which he proposed to aid with one million federally-financed scholarships. He also called for more technical classes in high schools, to build job skills, helping to enable non-college-bound graduates to gain well-paid jobs, or go on to trade schools to get advanced training and certifications, leading to even higher pay. Read and watch President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech here:

However, our schools — both secular and religious — are failing to educate and protect our distinctly American culture.

A recent research report, “Meet Today’s Typical Millennial,” by SaveTheWest consulting editor & videographer Jon Sutzlays waste to the notion that our schools are preparing new generations of Americans to understand even basic U.S. history, the virtue of freedom, and the stark difference between the free market and a government-dictated economy.

So what can we do to fix this growing mess?

There are 9 changes that should be made now:

(1) We must increase school choice through expanded 529 savings accounts, direct educational savings accounts (ESAs), charter schools, and expanded federal & state scholarships.

(2) We must ensure that America’s children are fluent in basic literacy and analytical thinking skills before they can graduate from high schoolAs it is, not only is this standard not being met, quite the opposite: According to a 2016 report by the American College of Trustees & Alumni, most of our college graduates struggle with tasks they should have mastered in the high school, if not earlier:

“A survey of employers showed that over 70% found college graduates were not well-prepared in skills such as ‘written communication,’ ‘working with numbers/statistics,’ ‘critical/analytical thinking, and second-language proficiency.”

(3) We must prohibit all foreign funding of American schools, for the same reason that we do not allow foreign entities to contribute to U.S. political campaigns. Most urgently:

(a) We must stop all monetary and in-kind donations from QatarTurkey, and Saudi Arabia (whether by their governments or individuals). One of the many examples of the insidious nature of such external influence is Georgetown University’s“Bridge Initiative,” which has engaged in chronic whitewashing of jihad and Islamist extremism, and which is having a profoundly disturbingimpact on students.

(b) We must also stop the communist Chinese government from creating cultural subversion centers on our college, high school and elementary school campuses, known benevolently as “Confucius Institutes” — and stop taxpayer-funded schools from paying China to set up such subversion centers.

While Americans are told that these centers are “providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide… and contributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of a harmonious world,” a recent report by the U.S. Senate revealed that they are created and utilized to spread pro-communist propaganda among American children.

We must also stop Chinese grants to U.S. scientists, especially given China’s long history of stealing/pilfering the most advanced, cutting-edge American defense technologies.

(4) We must fix school textbooks in public schools, and any private schools that get any government financing, and prohibit schoolbooks from companies that have any ownership by any foreign shareholders.

(5) We must ensure that, as President Trump recent policy announcement formalized, no U.S. taxpayer money can be used to enable any educational institution to fund/allow the incitement of hate against Jews, or boycotts against Israel (or any other nation).

We must ensure that, as President Trump recent policy announcement formalized, no U.S. taxpayer money can be used to enable any educational institution to fund/allow the incitement of hate against Jews, or boycotts against Israel (or any other nation).
For example, we must make sure that the anti-Israel indoctrination of third-graders in an Ithaca, NY elementary school, recently exposed by Prof. William Jacobson at the Legal Insurrection blog, can never be allowed to be repeated. Here is one of the videos that Jacobson was finally able to obtain, after nearly a year of legal wrangling with the school district, of what was allowed to go on in that classroom — enabled by U.S. taxpayer money:

(6) We must hire Christian and Jewish history experts to root out anti-Christian and anti-Semitic bias in schoolbooks and other educational materials shown to our children, including documentaries and films.

(7) We must hire Constitutional experts to review all high school books for anti-Constitutional and anti-Americanincitement & historical bias — especially in an age in which, as even CNN pointed out, “Americans know literally nothing about the Constitution.”

For more detailed information on the anti-Constitution, anti-America, anti-freedom perceptions and values that are being inculcated in our children, see another report by STW editor Jon Sutz, “America At The Precipice” – A special report by Jon Sutz.

(8) We must enforce affirmative action against universities that do not allow professors with differing opinions to be represented.

One recent study showed that leftist professors outnumber conservatives by an almost 12-1 ratio; in history departments, the ratio is more than 33-1.

Here is one notable recent example of this homogenization and intolerance: Prof. Jason Hill (notably, a multi-racial, gay legal immigrant from Jamaica), describing the escalating harassment and threat campaign from students at DePaul University. Why? Because he wrote an essay for a conservative website, in which he articulated a moral defense of Israel’s right to control the territories lost by the nations that attacked it, until they agree to stop attacking it:

Learn more about Prof. Hill’s plight, and his prescription for how to stop it from happening to other educators who dare to stray from, let alone challenge the anti-American, anti-Israel orthodoxy that prevails at America’s schools, here.

(9) We must close down the U.S. Department of Education’s highly biased propaganda program called Access Islam.”

In net, we must firmly resolve to fix the anti-American false narratives that are infecting our youth now, before it’s too late.

Ken Abramowitz is the President and Founder of SaveTheWest.
Jon Sutz is SaveTheWest’s consulting editor and videographer.

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