The disgusting European hypocrisy about Soleimani
The disgusting European hypocrisy about Soleimani

It is morally disgusting and absolutely ridiculous that all these left-wing Western “humanitarians” - who have never taken to the streets even once in the 40 years during which Iran sentenced thousands of women, poets and minors to death - were so offended and outraged when an Iranian super-terrorist was eliminated.

Where were all these Westerners so deeply apprehensive about the killing of Qassem Soleimani  when the Iranian general's henchmen mercilessly killed thousands of Iranian boys and girls on the streets asking for freedom, those women who took off their veils and who have never known a single day of democracy?

The case sheds light not only on European hypocrisy, but also on its self-abasement. It seems that the West, in fact, doesn't really care about the “values” it should cherish most: freedom, human dignity, equality, secularism and respect of minorities. Or at least, it cherishes them only when these "values" don't cross Western borders. 

Iran is the first country to bring down a pro-Western government and replace it with an Islamic theocracy. It failed.

According to Amnesty International, “more than half (51%) of all recorded executions in 2017 were carried out in Iran.”
According to Amnesty International, “more than half (51%) of all recorded executions in 2017 were carried out in Iran”. In relation to its population, Iran holds the world record for executions per capita. There was an increase of 333% in prisoners between 1985 and 2017 in Iran.

Not only Iranian youth are fleeing, its birth rate is collapsing. Iran has experienced one of the fastest fertility reductions in the world. A fertility decline of more than 50% in a single decade has never been recorded elsewhere. Europe took 300 years to record a drop from 7 to 1,7 children per woman, a decline Iran experienced since 1979.

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall went down one night without firing a single bullet. The Socialist regime was wrecked from within. The Iranian mullahs will not follow the same script and leave the country without spilling the blood of its people. This is what they did every single day for the last 40 years. Thousands of innocent Iranian men and women have been killed by their ayatollahs and hundreds of Jews were murdered from Buenos Aires to Burgas to Israel by Iran's rulers and their proxies. 

The question now is: will Europe, which stood silent and complacent during the 40 years of the deadly Islamic Revolution, help the Iranian people to free itself from that horrible sharia-based regime or will it continue with the self deprecating anguish reflected in this moral relativism?